Monday, February 26, 2007

ICTA Tennessee Est. 2007!

Kasha W, Dancer, TN
Michael M, Artist, TN
Paul S, Pastor & Author, TN
David W, Physician, TN
Danny A, Restaurant Owner, TN
Elise O, Teacher, Missouri
Roger H, Attorney, Illinois
Kurt T, Physician, TN
Shelley A, Mom, TN
Andrew I, Pastor, Illinois
Kim R, Teacher, Missouri
Clare M, Attorney, TN
Milton B, Pastor, Missouri
Lisa S, Tennis Pro, Alabama
Wayne F, Physician, TN
Kim W, Teacher, Missouri
Jeane B, Tennis Pro, TN
James H, Teaching Pro, TN
Jenna H, Daycare Teacher, TN
Stan R, Owner Truck Company, TN
Andy C, Regional Missionary Coordinator, Nanjing, Jiangsu, PRC
Morgan B, Marketing, Washington DC
Lancelot M, Attorney, TN
Bob B, Chef, TN
Melinda S, Nurse, TN
Tra D, Tennis Court Manufacturer, TN
Clayton P, Maintenance Engineer, TN
David M, Senior Marketing Advisor, TN
Jack V, Tennis Academy Owner, Florida
Ashley L, Physician, TN
Gary P, Tennis Pro, TN
Shea S, Teacher, TN
Tina H., Tennessee, Tennis Club Owner, Missouri
Lawrence S, Emergency Physician, TN
Micky N, Sales Manager, Texas
Stephen L, Tennis Manager, TN
Gary G, Pro Shop Owner, TN
Mathew M, Pilot, California
Gayle F, Pharmacist, Arkansas
Helen R, Accountant, TN
and on and on and on.......!!!

A big welcome to our over 500 new ICTA Tennessee members!

The names above are just a small representation of the wonderful people who chose to support ICTA through their membership! Your love and kindness completely overwhelmed our entire staff and missions team.

If your small ICTA staff ever needed anything, we know who to call... the wonderful people in Memphis! Doctors of all types... emergency care, ear, eye, ortho, pediatricians... dentists... plus, attorneys of all types... pastors... local politicians... WOW! You all are THE most loving and giving bunch we've ever met.

I can't wait till my tennis tour to the 2007 US OPEN. 90+ forms were filled out for our US OPEN tour representing 150+ people who are ready to roll!!

I am going to be absolutely thrilled to spend 4 days and 3 nights with all of you at the largest annually attended sporting event in the world!! We'll have prayer breakfasts, tennis camps, evening Bible studies... plus, we'll attend the 2007 US OPEN, see some sites in New York, meet some players!

Your info packet will come to you soon via email or US Mail. You will need to sign up and send in your deposit before May 1, 2007 to receive your 50% discount.

Our ICTA Tennessee members will meet ICTA members worldwide at the 2007 US OPEN... including our upcoming new ICTA California members we'll meet next week during the world's 6th largest tennis tournament, the Pacific Life Open.

Rachel Snelen and Melody Snelen say hello! They had to leave on Saturday to visit their brother in California and were sad not to be able to say bye to our many, many new friends in Memphis.

Today, my tennis academy and I are spending the nite at Nasser's house in Birmingham. Brent's dad, Jim, came over and we all cooked some steaks while Jen made some awesome stuff in the kitchen, then we all pigged out and talked!! Jen is making me my favorite breakfast food ever... Sticky Buns! I'll have to fight Joseph for them!!

After some tennis in the morning, we'll drive to Florida. My girl's pro tennis team is heading to Mexico for a month. Me and the guys will head to California. Thank you Tennessee for making this mission trip such a time of love and friendship. The tournament was incredibly well run, the players were among the best in the world... Venus, Roddick, Haas, Fish, Spadea!! The other vendors have become my good friends.

Michael... Kasha... you two both made my entire year special. Thank you. I look forward to deepening our friendships over the coming years. Ashley, Larry... follow through... God is offering you the opportunity to be blessed by faith... we're good either way.

And to the over 30 school teachers and 50 moms... you all were AWESOME!

Next year is going to be amazing! Think concert in the stadium, tennis camps, men's meetings, pastors and pros' meetings... let's provide the tournament with at least 100 extra volunteers, and let's sell at least 1000 extra tickets to benefit Kroger St. Jude.

God bless each of you!

Growing the game and sharing His fame,

Scott Paschal

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Christian Tennis Association- Memphis Trip-Day 12

What a God-blessed, amazing, wonderful, fantastic mission trip we have enjoyed in Memphis, Tennessee.

Hundreds of new International Christian Tennis Association members were gained in our ICTA Tennessee membership drive on-site at the tournament... they are pastors & tennis pros, housewives, local business owners, tournament sponsors... so many terrific people!

A big part of me doesn't want to leave! I've really bonded to the people here.

Over the next several months, I'll make plans to get our new ICTA Tennessee members connected. Many, many of you are as excited as I am to come to the 2007 US OPEN with my tennis tour company!

We'll also all work together to bring ICTA's Rally to Win Concert to the tournament for next year! That will be awesome to bring in David Nasser and a smokin' Christian band!!

I also look forward to our members joining together to provide ministry in Memphis, and lots of volunteers for the tournament in 2008!!

Thank you Memphis for making us feel so welcome and loved.

God bless you guys!

Scott Paschal
386 793 0557

Scotty and a neat new friend

Ana and Shantel watching the Roddick vs Murray Semifinal!

ICTA friend & Mr. Security Man himself!

Mark, Joseph, and Scotty

Lots and lots of new members!!

This kid loved his new shirt!


Shantel speaking with two ladies interested in ICTA!

New members all day!!

A neat group of Jewish kids who hung out with us.

Howdy Cowboy.

Anastasia and Mel preparing the final paperwork before Mel flew to California.

Soon to be new ICTA Tennessee members

Shantel, Anastasia, Melody, and Rachel... awesome missionaries following Mathew 28! The ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team is a tremendous tool Jesus uses worldwide to shine for Him.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Christian Tennis Association- Memphis Trip-Day 11

I think most everyone I talked to today was worried about me! I feel ok, but apparently I don't look so good!

After a while I was told I looked terrible! Nice, huh?

Honestly, I'm tired. I've worked a long time and this work is non-stop. We are all tired. And we could use a few days of rest... but, rest will have to wait.

My tired is a really good tired. I'm tired from helping folks. That's a good tired. Being tired is making me stronger. I have to focus even more.

If I looked tired today, wait till they see me after Sunday!! Rach and Mel are leaving tomorrow for California. And Sue is leaving for Texas. I'll be holding down the fort by myself during the two busiest days of the tournament.

I'll be one tired Scotty by Sunday nite.

But, rest will have to wait! I have to drive home to Florida and pack for California for our mission trip to the world's 6th largest tournament.

I'm excited to go there. Sleepy, but excited.

This mission trip has been a huge success. What is going on here is indescribable. There is so much I haven't been able to file it away in my mind. This trip has been a whirlwind!

I'm planning on leaving a bit earlier tonite to get some extra rest. I don't like to do that, but I need to. When I leave early I sometimes feel bad because you never know when God will bring someone who needs help.

The huge crowds will be here tomorrow. Please keep our little missions team in your prayers!

God bless!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Christian Tennis Association- Memphis Trip-Day 10

How awesome is this pic! And boy does it describe this whole day... unexpected, a little crazy, and fun!

90% of what happened today I can't write about! Mainly because I'm not talented enough and so much happened, but also because it's hard to put into words how God puts the right people in the right places at the right time.

Today was a day of unbelievable God-appointed meetings and connections.

This girl received her shirt yesterday and is enjoying it today!

How can I describe today?

God blessed. I made a great new friend today of a guy who's battled cancer 4 times... and God has used it a springboard to launch this guy's art career/ministry. I look forward to spending more time with him.

Many of our new ICTA Tennessee members are thrilled to come to the 2007 US OPEN with me. I'm so excited. My tennis tour to the 2007 US OPEN will be such a tremendous time. ICTA members worldwide are coming together!! That has me thrilled. This trip is the precursor for our 1st Annual ICTA Convention in 2008... at a tournament to be determined.

These guys are big in Tenessee tennis. They signed up as members today and we had a good time. They both want to win the racket I'm giving away, too!

Tomorrow begins the big weekend around here. The crowds were big all week, so we're ready for anything! Keep us in your prayers as we work to shine His light here in Memphis. To my new pastor friend, thank you for your book. To my new China missionary friend, I look forward to our missions tennis team working with your organization. To my art friend, much love bro.

God bless each of you reading this blog and thank you for your emails and phone calls of friendship and support!

Growing the game and sharing His fame,

Scott Paschal

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Christian Tennis Association- Memphis Trip-Day 9

God is good. God is so good! The International Christian Tennis Association enjoyed an unbelievable day of Christian ministry to so many people in need of God's love. There isn't room in this blog for me to write enough about what all happened today.

One of the highlights of the day for me was spending time with a man who is feeling called to a closer relationship with Jesus. God was all over our time together. Most people would feel this man is quite prestigious, yet he just feels a void. A God-sized void. I think now God has entered his daily life and this wonderful man sees his purpose. God is so good.

Here's a pic of Spadea. Take a look at the price tag hanging from his jacket! I had to get a shot of it. Vince is awesome. He is a neat guy who does good things for people. I gave him a Prayer of Jabez book and we talked. I first met Vince a few years ago. When his career ends I look forward to spending more time with him and developing his opportunities off-court.

Conrad called today. He located a tremendous rate at a hotel for our tennis tour to the 2007 US OPEN. I'm really excited at this rate! My tennis tour company will be offer amazing prices on our hotel/ticket packages. Thank, Conrad!

For those of you who don't know Conrad, he has done many amazing things with his life... but the one that means the most to me is that Conrad was the original person who thought up the ICTA back in the late 70's! It failed to take off back then, but God has brought Conrad full circle back to ICTA after an incredible business career. Conrad is a friend and mentor I am grateful for.The crowds we big today. Sorry about the color of this pic, but the lighting was bad. Thurs-Sun we expect 45,000+ to attend! This will be amazing!

The vendor's area is doubling in size tonite. Tomorrow morning 20 new vendors will appear! The weekend visitors will have a blast. Haas, Roddick, Venus... the tournament has big names and I expect excited people!

Here's a pic of Ana, 'Tel, and Mel. 'Tel just earned her WTA ranking last week in Canada! I'm really proud of her! The WTA tour is checking to see if she is the first Samoan in history to earn a WTA ranking!

Ana was able to practice with a top 100 WTA player today! They hit and played a practice set... Ana lost 6-2... but played well and everyone saw Ana is not far from the top level. I fully expect her to play in this tournament next year. I plan to throw everything I have into helping her achieve her dreams.

I was interviewed by the TV news tonite. The reporter was a neat guy and I look forward to him sending me a DVD copy of his report.

Hey, one final thing before I log off. I spent some time speaking with some tennis industry bigshots. They are Christian.

One thing we spoke about that I'd like to hear from you on... if a a major string manufacturer uses their powerful influence to bash, or support people who bash, Christians or other religions... do you feel that is ok, and do you feel you would want to continue purchasing their products? Please write me at and be detailed in your thoughts!

Here are a couple of pics from the tournament I thought you would like to see...

God bless each of you and thank you so much for your prayers and emails of support! ICTA is reaching 70,000+ on this mission trip and we thank God for the opportunity to reflect Him.

Growing the game and sharing His fame!

Scott Paschal

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Christian Tennis Association- Memphis Trip-Day 8

Neat kid, huh? This little guy is hoping to win a tennis racket I'm giving away to one lucky new International Christian Tennis Association member! He was a fun kid who asked a lot of good questions!

Today started out so slow... snail slow. I thought there was a funeral or something. Like we had maybe two new members join all morning!

I wondered if I had for got to wear deodorant.

But, after 2pm rolled around things really began getting busy, really busy.

I have to give Rachel and Melody Snelen a lot of credit for how hard they worked today, especially after how busy yesterday was. Both girls are amazing and tremendous examples to my whole academy.

A couple of neat things happened today you might like to know about. First, God led a little Grandmother to talk with me today. She was sad, lonely, and depressed. Her friend had even just recently died. She told me she no longer wanted to live... and was ready to end her life. So we talked about Jesus, and her purpose on this earth for Him. It made an impact.

I also spoke with a dad of a player whose career I've followed for a while. He and I agreed we had a meeting set up by God. Both of us felt blessed and we both look forward to growing our relationships. I look forward to supporting her career in a more public and vocal way, now!

ICTA gained many wonderful new members, today. And a large amount of them want to go with me to the 2007 US OPEN for my first major tennis tour. It's exciting to see one of my longtime dreams coming true! We're also forming a solid core of members to come with me to the 2008 Australian Open. So great to think about it for me!

I would talk a bit about the celebrity type people I was able to connect with, but I would be concerned it would come across as "look at me" type stuff, and people who know me know I'm not that way, but those who just visit our blogs wouldn't know. That said, I had a great time this afternoon developing relationships with some neat people in the tennis world.

This is the point in the mission trips where we become very, very tired and drained. Yet, by tomorrow we'll all begin to get stronger and become more battle hardened or match tough. For me this is just a warm up event for a huge next 6 months.

Brian, thanks for the words on the phone. Tim, so glad to have an amazing future with you and look forward to business opportunities together. Russty, the dude calling was just a goon trying to scare me and has been taken care of. And big bro, I was thinking about you today.

Will post more pics soon! Thank you so much for your prayers. They are needed and appreciated. God bless each of you!

Growing the game and sharing His fame,


Monday, February 19, 2007

Christian Tennis Association- Memphis Trip-Day 7

This has been a tremendously fruitful day. I've had a blast and have been so grateful to God for blessing every minute.

Today was our first official "full" day at the tournament. We enjoyed close to record breaking numbers of new members! And these members are a passionate bunch! I can see a strong ministry growing for ICTA Tennessee.

I was sooo proud of my staff today.

Rachel Snelen is truly one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever known.

The ministry Rachel provided in Canada to the players at the ITF $50,000 Challenger was tremendous... especially how she has an ability to reach players from the top 100 WTA to the 1000's.

For her to lead a mission trip to Canada, then meet us for Memphis is amazing. Then to watch her work with hundreds of people today, all the while smiling and making people feel warm and welcome, leaves me speechless.

Our tennis camp was fun. We hit at a local park... twice today. Then everyone showered and at at a local restaurant which is comping our meals for the week. So great to have a top restaurant nearby which feeds everyone in our group at no cost! We are thankful to them. Ana joined us at the tournament and participated in her first mission trip ever! She is so excited. One of the players in the tournament is becoming my friend and I look forward to Ana hitting with her and getting to know her.

Mark, Joseph, and Tel are having a good time. Tomorrow, they'll watch matches in the morning, then go train at the park. I'll also begin training them at our booth. It can be a bit daunting to speak with several hundred people a day, but they'll do well and I'm excited they have this opportunity at such a young age.

Finally, my tennis tour company is kicking tail in Memphis! We have at least 10 - 12 people who are very, very serious about coming to the 2007 US Open with me. At this rate I'd guestimate I'll have 70 to 90 ICTA Tennessee members come with me! Which would make us either the 2nd or 3rd largest tennis tour group worldwide to go to the big show. My goal is to bring 100 guests, but maybe I need to look to increase it a bit! We still have 10 mission trips to go before the 2007 US OPEN begins...

To the Jewish kid who keeps hanging out at my booth asking questions and wanting to come train with me in Florida... "Dude, you were wearing the Tennis Hall of Fame tshirt. How big is God and that should answer your question." And tell your dad to give me some free BBQ coupons! :)

God bless each of you. This is an amazing mission trips and God is working. I can't hardly wait until tomorrow!

Growing the game and sharing His fame,

Scott Paschal

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Christian Tennis Association- Memphis Trip-Day 6

We're here! After a really terrific breakfast that Jen made, we loaded up the trailor and packed into the Suburban.

Next thing you know we're here in Memphis. Well, here but lost. My co-pilot, Mel missed a couple of roads on the map she was reading.

But, after an hour or so detour and a nice sightseeing drive of all of Memphis, we made it to the Raquet Club of Memphis. Which was nothing like what I pictured! I've never done a mission trip to an indoor tournament! And I learned we didn't have the right promo set-up for our booth, so we'll definitely have to wing it and learn on the fly.

The tennis club member party tonite was pretty cool. Tons of food... sushi, sandwiches, mexican... and amazing desserts. We set up our stuff during the party, then headed out.

Ran into a player I know and spent some time hanging out. She's pretty neat and I look forward to spending more time with her. I really enjoy developing relationships with people.

Our hotel is just 3 miles of so from the tournament, and the park my students will train at is right nearby the hotel. So, we're set! Tons of tennis training, a great hotel, world class tennis, ministry work... good stuff!

Oh, I almost forgot, one of my favorite food places is right next door to the hotel! Worked a deal with the GM and agreed to promote his place at the tournament. Normally I'd ask $2000-$5000 to promote a brand, but I LOVE this place and we were already in town... so we agreed on free food for the week for me, my academy, my staff, and Sue!

Thanks for your prayers! They are much appreciated and needed. I'll try to check back in tomorrow and bring some neat pics with me. Rachel Snelen's pics from her mission trip to Canada are fantastic! 'Tel earned her WTA ranking there, which is a first for her country and is being heavily promoted. So glad for her.

Finally, remember we're heading to the Pac Life Open soon. The Pac Life is the world's 6th largest pro tournament. I'm beyond thrilled to go to California... and we're also going to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas this trip!! My tennis academy students are going to have a BLAST! Me, too!

Growing the game and spreading His fame,

Scott Paschal

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Christian Tennis Association- Memphis Trip-Day 5

One long day! Today started yesterday, yet a short nap last night sort of gave the two days a slightly different feel. We packed up the supplies, got up before the sun, and drove till dark...

Along the way we had a great time in the Suburban... talking, laughing, napping. So great to spend so much one on one time with everyone. In the car you really get to build a bond with each other. Our group has come to love road trips.

Tonite we're crashing at Nasser's house. Jen made us all an amazing dinner... roast, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn breard cake stuff... and everything was cooked really special... with lots of "just right" seasonings. So appreciated. We all then celebrated Joseph's birthday!

We'll wake up bright and early and drive the rest of the way to Memphis, locate our hotel, set up our booth at the tournament, then go find a park and hit lots of tennis balls!!

I would say each of us are going to sleep like a baby tonite.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Christian Tennis Association Memphis - Day 4

This is an International Christian Tennis Association all out missions day! It's not even 5pm, but where do I start. So much has happened...

Ok, let's start with the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Maybe doesn't make sense with this blog, but it has a place. Here's what I have planned... after Memphis, my staff and tennis academy are driving to Birmingham to stay at Nasser's house where we'll rest a couple days.

On Tuesday evening we're planning to go to a Chris Tomlin concert in Chatanooga. Louie Giglio is the speaker of that event... and both he and Chris are pretty darn indescribable with their talent. After the event on the 27th, we'll crash at Nasser's then head home to beautiful Palm Coast, Florida.

Now, about the Grand Canyon.... We'll have 4 days of kick-back here in Florida, then we're off to the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, California. But, before we get to the world's 6th largest tennis tournament... we're going to have a blast at the Grand Canyon!

The plan is to fly into Phoenix, rent cars, and boogie up to Flagstaff, Arizona, rent some rooms, then spend a couple days exploring the incredible Grand Canyon while passing out Bibles and tracks!

Then, we're driving to Las Vegas, Nevada for an ICTA Las Vegas meeting and to have a blast witnessing to people on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip!!

From there we'll drive to the Pac Life Open, find our wonderful host church and host home family, unpack our stuff, and set up our booth!

This is awesome... hanging with Nasser... mission trip in Memphis... Tomlin concert...exploring the Grand Canyon... chillin in Las Vegas... world class tennis training the whole time... mission trip to Pac Life Open... speaking in churches... hanging out with my students... ICTA gaining hundreds of new members... live video taping for our show....

ICTA Missions rock!

My tennis academy students LOVE IT!! What tennis academy anywhere in the world is a cool as the Christian one here with ICTA!!!??? ICTA tennis ROCKS!

To wrap things up for today's blog... keep us in your prayers as your International Christian Tennis Association prepares to reach out to over 350,000 people during the next few weeks. My tennis academy students are going to experience America and missions in a way they could never have imagined! So great to see God working in their lives!

Growing the game and sharing His fame,

Scott Paschal

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Christian Tennis Association Memphis: Day 3

Sunup till sundown and beyond...

I've been on the phone or computer for 11 of the last 12 hours. Getting everything done by Saturday is not gonna happen... but it'll be fun trying!

For those of you who don't know me, I love to work. I love taking on a big fat challenge, then carefully and methodically getting the job done... one step at a time... day by day... minute by minute... however long it takes... till it's done... totally done.

And I love taking on several challenges to give me some variety.

Today, I spent time developing 4 other mission trips we'll do this Spring. Last minute things such as negotiating hotel rates for my tennis tours, sending in $ to pay f0r booths and product, developing newsletters, T-shirts, brochures....

I also worked on promo material for Serving Our God 2007! our 20-week, 11 tournament, 2 country mission tour to famous tournaments... and planning our route and partners and sponsors for our 2008 tour.

An interesting and exciting aspect of today was that God opened a door for our mission team to attend the US Men's Claycourt Championships in Houston for FREE! Totally paid for 100%... even the hotel rooms at the player's hotel, which will be awesome when I spend time with our sponsors!

God is so good. Mel is back from her mission trip. That means the bills will get paid. Mel is ICTA's bookkeeper. I stink at bookkeeping. Rachel's team will meet us Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama at Nasser's house. We'll all spend the night there, then drive early Sunday morning to Memphis.

Oh, one more thing. The Jehovah Witnesses showed up today at the house. Like clockwork those folks appear just before a major mission trip! So funny. I had fun talking to them. They left pretty confused. I'll spend some more time with them when we get back from Memphis.

Thanks for your emails of support today! Especially my friends in Pakistan and Iran. Thanks Kim for your $ advice today. Meant so much!

Growing the game and sharing His fame,

Scott Paschal
International Christian Tennis Association

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Christian Tennis Association Mission Trip: Day 2

Happy Valentines Day!

Two days to go until we begin our journey to Memphis! So much work still yet to do!

Getting ready for an International Christian Tennis Association large scale mission trip takes literally dozens of hours and months of planning. So much is involved! Airlines, buses, rental cars, hotels, host homes, drivers, schedules, volunteers.

Then there is preparing for being in the mission field itself. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Bibles, tracks, books, t-shirts, bags, fans, balloons, stickers, etc. must be carefully ordered and paid for shipped and transported and unloaded and arranged and distributed and accounted for.

Plus, church partners must be found, booths costing up to $15,000 each must be leased, meetings with pastors & tennis pros must be scheduled, sponsors located... and once this is accomplished the International Christian Tennis Association staff, Christian tennis academy students, and volunteers need to be trained and preped for the adventure.

It's a lot of work, but I love it because I love growing the game and sharing His fame.

Today has been a packed box of fun!

Melody Snelen and her team returned from Clearwater around 2 am. last night. They enjoyed a strong ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team mission trip to a Wildcard tournament.

Rachel Snelen and her team are preparing to leave Canada. We'll meet them in Birmingham, Alabama, then all drive together to Memphis.

I've been on the phone most of the day working on building our upcoming ICTA Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Facility... arranging and paying for more booths at major junior and pro tennis tournaments for 2007, 2008, and 2009... and sending my Mom a Valentine.

Growing the game and sharing His fame,

Scott Paschal

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Christian Tennis Mission Trip: Memphis Day 1


Welcome to my online journal! It is a privilege to have you join our mission trip online as International Christian Tennis Association reaches out to over 100,000 tennis fans, volunteers, workers, media, and tennis industry leaders at the prestigous ATP Regions Morgan Keegan Championships and WTA Cellular South Cup.

This tournament is exciting for me. I love tournaments which combine men and womens' events! A mini Grand Slam! And I love sharing His fame while growing my tennis ministry. Here in Memphis, ICTA will gain hundreds of new members which will establish ICTA Tennessee. In addition, ICTA will give-away hundreds, if not thousands, of Bibles, tracts, CDs, ICTA T-Shirts & more...

We'll lay the foundation for a 2008 Scott Paschal Tennis Tour Company tour to Memphis, as well as prepare for a 2008 ICTA Rally to Win
TM concert event in the main stadium. Plus, be sure to contact me to learn about our upcoming ICTA Tennessee tennis league, pastors and pros monthly prayer breakfast & tennis workout, and learn how you can become an ICTA volunteer for ICTA or the tournament in 2008.

Rachel Snelen and Melody Snelen are currently on ICTA Pro Tennis Team mission trips and are preparing to come back to Palm Coast...

ICTA's Rachel Snelen is currently leading an ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team mission trip to an ITF $50,000 Challenger. Shantel earned her WTA ranking on this trip... making her the first Samoan to ever hold a WTA ranking. Also, two WTA ranked teen players Rachel met at the tournament have joined the team and will be traveling with the team to Mexico this March! In addition, a top 100 WTA player Rachel Snelen had developed a friendship with accepted a Bible... and another WTA player, a teen tennis prodigy, asked for a Bible during the player party. Plus, a catholic WTA player wants to learn about Jesus!!

Melody Snelen is leading an ICTA Junior Tennis Team mission trip to Tampa and an ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team mission trip to Clearwater, Florida during an ITF $25,000 tournament. Melody Snelen and the team have distributed over 200 ICTA T-shirts, tracks, Christian books, and ICTA Academy info sheets to top players from around the world.

Growing the game and spreading His fame,

Scott Paschal